Our Moto :

    The prayerful approach and dynamic leadership of our Founder, Manager and Correspondent, the enthusiastic and the devoted role played by our Principal and Staff and keen interest of our students support our great motto in making your children.


Our Vision :

    “Our educational endeavours aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable who will be champion for the cause of justice, love, truth and peace, and who are ever open to further growth.” We also aim at creating a just human society where dignity of the human person is upheld, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahimsa, religious harmony and national integration are cherished, where the poor and downtrodden are specially taken care of.

Vision Statement Spiritual and Moral Values :

  • Awareness and belief in God and prayer.
  • Appreciation and gratitude of the Creator.
  • Acceptance of oneself and of others.
  • Honesty and truthfulness which entails courage to speak the truth and stand by one’s conviction.
  • Respect and tolerance of all religions.
  • Inner discipline.

Intellectual Values :

  • A desire for knowledge.
  • The ability to reason and thing independently.
  • Taste for reading.
  • Discovery and development of one’s talents and abilities.

Physical Goals :

  • Health and personal hygiene.
  • Self-discipline and moderation.
  • Determination and perseverance to do one’s best.
  • Physical culture and gracefulness.

Social and Cultural Values :

  • Consideration for others.
  • Respect for elders.
  • Politeness and courtesy.
  • Concern for the less fortunate.
  • Dignity of all types of work.
  • Patriotism.
  • Civic responsibility.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of our culture.
  • Healthy competition and team spirit.